OKC Dog Show Win

OKC Dog Show

Ch. Hilltop’s Time For Kula To Fly

Sherri led our Champion Brussels Griffon to a great victory yesterday at the OKC Summer Classic Dog Show.

“Kula” was named “Grand Champion Select” and Best in Breed Owner/Handler. He’s been on a hot streak over the past couple of months!

The show continues through June 28th. If you’ve never been to an AKC dog show it’s a great experience. Over 1,400 dogs are entered this week and it’s always fun to see the smiles on people’s faces who experience this event for the first time.

If you want to smile this weekend, come see man’s best friend!

Jerry Isbell

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Tribute To Bob Barry Jr.

Tribute to Bob Barry Jr

Oklahoma has lost a broadcasting legend and I’m mourning the loss of a dear friend.  Bob Barry Jr. has passed away…

I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. Bobby was a rock star. Surely he’d never leave us this soon. He was always the life of the party. Junior never needed sleep or an on-air script. He could ad-lib better than anyone. As a young journalist, Bobby taught me there were only three things to ask… Why, why and why?

I can’t figure it out…”why?”

He was killed yesterday on his motorcycle as a scumbag with no license, carrying drugs, made a U turn in his pathway. As always, Bobby was full speed ahead and bringing it peddle to the metal. His heart and peddle were always jammed to the floorboard for us all. That’s why we loved him.

I first met Bob Barry Jr. in 1985. I was a freshman and the University of Oklahoma and wanted to be in the TV sports business. But more importantly, I wanted to learn marketing. I realized he “had it”.  He knew marketing. I clung to his every move and knew I was watching a legend.

Bobby took me under his wings and for some reason liked me. I was an 18 year-old punk from Broken Bow, OK. He treated me like royalty. Why? I made him laugh a lot…he loved to laugh. From scores of chuckles, a great friendship was born.

I learned how to ask questions from him. I learned how to work a room from him. I learned how to speak in front of people from him. I learned how to deliver a sales pitch from him. I learned how to love people more… because of him. He always found something great in everyone.

Bobby loved people. He craved interaction with others…he needed it like oxygen. No time for “downtime”.  He had to hang with folks.

His father was the legendary Bob Barry Sr. He was born into Oklahoma broadcasting royalty but never showed it. Bobby worked his tail off. 18-20 hour days…I saw it.

He’s helped me immensely through the years. A reference from Bob Barry Jr. was golden. Bobby helped me many times. Anything I needed, he’d do it.

We enjoyed hundreds of hours together in news helicopters, satellite trucks, stinky vans and horrible press conference buffets. We spent time together with legends like Gary Player, Barry Switzer, Barry Sanders, Brian Bosworth, Monica Seles and James Garner. I could name drop hundreds more.  He connected with them all and they loved him. Why?

We last spoke a couple of weeks ago. He’d been wanting to play Cedar Creek Golf Course in Beavers Bend and take his wife to our Mountain Visa cabin. He was planning something great for her…only he knew why.

I’ve been fortunate to be around many national media people through the years. None were better than Bob Barry Jr. Especially behind the scenes. He could prepare a sportscast in a matter of minutes. Bobby was lightening fast as a deadline approached. He could work under pressure like none other.

There are so many emotions flowing now as tears pound my keyboard. I’d thought several times  to tell him “wear a helmet on your motorcycle.” I was going to tell him the next time we spoke. Why didn’t I tell him sooner?

Why did the guy with no license and dope in his vehicle make a U Turn in front of him?

Bobby, you’ve always had the scoop…

We’re struggling.

We need one last breaking story. Please help us understand “why?”

Jerry Isbell

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Choosing The Perfect Beavers Bend Cabin

Choosing the perfect Beavers Bend cabin

Choosing the perfect Beavers Bend cabin  for your vacation near Broken Bow Lake cabin be an arduous task. There are around 1,000 cabins in our area and viewing websites, studying terms and conditions and looking for hidden fees takes considerable time.

A large cabin management company touting 30-40 cabins may be unable to provide the personal touches you should expect when spending $300-$400/night. How could they? They are extremely busy juggling scores of cabins and reservation requests.

One of the biggest compliments we receive from guests is we usually answer the phone live. We also return texts and phone calls promptly. This is simply “Business 101” but I am amazed how people fail to do this in all walks of life.

Choosing the perfect Beavers Bend cabin

Our 10lb Champion Show Dog Guarding The Property!

Look for references when searching for a luxury cabin in Broken Bow. We are fortunate that many public figures have offered to lend their name to Mountain Vista’s credibility. Television anchors, CEO’s, politicians and even a rock star have helped promote Mountain Vista through the years. Maybe we should not include the “politicians!”

After reviewing many cabin websites it will be easy to notice a few “tricks of the trade” some companies use. Look for “tight shot” cabin pics with no view of the surrounding acreage. This is nearly always a red flag. They do not want you to know there is another cabin a few feet away. Another concern should be if you see no pictures of a view…this usually means there is not one.

Even if there is a picture of a great view on a cabin website, be cautious. We had another cabin management company using our 20-mile view on their website for two years. They simply took our picture from Google Images and plagiarized. 

When you pay for an upscale cabin in Beavers Bend State Park you should expect a view of serenity…not one of another cabin.

Choosing the perfect Beavers Bend cabin

Mountain Vista’s View

Make a list of the top 5-10 things you want in a luxury cabin. A view, seclusion, pool and shuffleboard tables, etc. If the latter two are important, stay in the city and visit an arcade! Save your money.

There are many great luxury cabins in Beavers Bend State Park. We enjoy referring people to other cabins on our recommended list if Mountain Vista is already booked. Do your homework, ask questions and look for hidden fees. Charges for cleaning, s’mores, firewood and resort fees will suddenly become “unhidden” once you receive the bill.

Contact us at 405-535-8055 or at BeaversBendVacations.com if we can help you enjoy our fabulous 20-mile view at Mountain Vista!

Jerry Isbell

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Beavers Bend State Park Reopens

Beavers Bend State Park Reopens

 Beavers Bend State Park Flooding Update…

Beavers Bend State Park reopened today after the recent horrific flooding forced its closure for several weeks.

Broken Bow Lake boat ramps remain closed. Click the link above for an official statement from Beavers Bend State Park.

We just opened the July 4th weekend at Mountain Vista cabin in Broken Bow. These highly sought after dates will be booked soon.

Jerry Isbell


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Summer Beavers Bend Flooding Update

Summer Beavers Bend flooding update

Summer Beavers Bend Flooding Update…

Warm weather is finally here and we’ve just added a fresh coat of stain to all three levels of the Mountain Vista deck.

Broken Bow luxury cabins continue to be very busy despite the recent flooding. Officials are anticipating that Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake will reopen within the next few weeks.

Kurt Adams, Superintendent at Cedar Creek Golf Course in Beavers Bend tells me 11 holes will reopen tomorrow. The remaining seven holes will be available when the water subsides.

Summer In Beavers Bend flooding update

The heavy rainfall has produced thousands of baby pine trees on our acreage at Mountain Vista…they’re scattered everywhere!

June and July bookings are packed at Mountain Vista. Other than June 10-11, we only have the 29th and 30th available this month. The only multi-day reservation open next month is July 6-8.

Scores of people are frantically working to get Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park back in shape. The annual Kiamichi Owa-Chito-Festival of the Forest has been moved to the Broken Bow City Park due to the recent flooding.

Remember to do your homework before choosing a luxury cabin in Beavers Bend. Watch for hidden charges for cleaning, insurance, resort fees and firewood. We never gouge guests with these extra bills at Mountain Vista. Many times these fees can add over 20% to your cabin reservation fee.

We created the Beavers Bend app several years ago to enhance your stay while vacationing in Southeastern Oklahoma. Our app gives you local tourist information and our recommendations for places to eat, drink and be merry in Broken Bow. It’s a free download and we occasionally have exclusive “App Only” offers. It also features a link to my Beavers Bend News/Blog.

I appreciate all the great feedback over the past several weeks regarding my Broken Bow flood reporting. Thousands read my blog each month but traffic has picked up significantly recently as people are searching for information.

Fan our Facebook page and the Beavers Bend State Park group page I created years ago. Thanks for reading and make your plans to visit Broken Bow, OK!

Jerry Isbell

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