Winter Beavers Bend Snapshots…



It’s the dead of winter in Beavers Bend, but you’d hardly know it. The weather has been spectacular over the past few weeks with the exception of a brief cold snap hitting the cabins in Broken Bow recently. If you time it correctly with the weather forecast, January and February can be amazing in the Hochatown area.

Construction on the new Beavers Bend Nature center looks like it’s going well and I believe it’s scheduled to open by this summer. Be sure and check it out, it’s just down the road from the Beavers Bend Restaurant on Mountain Fork River.

Beavers Bend Cabin Tip: If you’re searching for a Broken Bow Lake area cabin, be sure and ask how many hot water tanks the cabin has. We have two large tanks at Mountain Vista and our guests love being able to have six-eight people showering easily within minutes. Our tanks crank out the hot water magnificently! It’s HOT!

Having only one water tank is a cost-cutting measure many cabins employ…But with people on vacation and coming in from the lake, we knew to double down with our H2O heat! We’re really pleased with two tanks at Mountain Vista…Our guests are too.

We announced a great promotion for our App Fans yesterday. Be sure and search the App Store for “Beavers Bend” and download the area’s only mobile technology that offers specials, tourist information and tips while visiting your McCurtain County Getaway.

Thanks for reading and landing on our site. We hope you’ll experience our “Mountain Vista Views” soon.

By Jerry Isbell

Looking For Cabins in Broken Bow & Beavers Bend? Beware of CopyCats!

IMG_0047Quit stealing our view! We continue to be amazed that others are marketing their Broken Bow Lake area cabins using our Beavers Bend Mountain Vista Cabin 20-mile view pic. This is our deck view, none other. It’s not right and unethical.

This serves as a friendly reminder to do your homework before choosing a luxury getaway rental near the State Park in Beavers Bend. Don’t simply take it for granted that what you see on another cabin rental website is true. Many times their websites won’t indicate there’s another cabin 30 feet away. Being only a few yards away from a noisy road is usually another tidbit they fail to mention. A luxury cabin coupled with a fantastic view is the reason you want to get away from the Stemmons Freeway in Dallas for a few days, right?

A great view is paramount to many guests being able to enjoy the Beavers Bend experience. There’s many cabins with great views but there’s only one with this one! 

“Hey, is that picture on your website REALLY your view…?”

By Jerry IsbellImage 1



Beavers Bend Mountain Vista Musings…

The scenery is lush around Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake after the recent rain. I took this video to showoff two of our biggest advantages at Mountain Vista. 1. We have acres of seclusion…Notice there’s no other cabins 20 yards away. Our guests love this. 2. Our view rocks!

When reserving our vacation home, you communicate directly with us…the owners. Not someone who manage 30-60 cabins.

Book your summer stay now at Mountain Vista!

Jerry Isbell  

Sign, Sign Everywhere A Sign…

Many of our guests arrive at night…They’re in the woods, it’s dark and they need a little help finding their bearings and cabin sign. We solved that problem with our new reflective sign. We love it!

We spent a few days at Mountain Vista getting the cabin and property ready for our Spring Break guests. They’ll be enjoying several new appliances and of course, the view.

If you want a great view when visiting Beavers Bend/Broken Bow Lake and don’t want to be 30 feet away from the Jones’, reserve our vacation home.

We just announced an April Special on our website. For last minute promotions and area info get Beavers Bend’s Only App.

Have a great Spring Break!

Jerry & Sherri Isbell
Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin

January Mountain Vista Beavers Bend Cabin Special!

Wishing you a Happy New Year. We hope you’ll visit us at Mountain Vista in Beavers Bend during 2013. 
January Special: Check-in Sunday-Tuesday, receive third night free! Crank up the fire pit and hot tub…Winter is great in Beavers Bend!

Jerry & Sherri Isbell
Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin
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