The Perry’s Return To Mountain Vista

The Perry's Return To Mountain Vista

The “Meet Our Beavers Bend Guests” series continues… He rules the radio airwaves with a sharp wit, loyal following and great sports knowledge. She patrols the streets helping people while looking for the bad guys.

We’re very fortunate to have guests that stay at Mountain Vista annually and many visit several times each year. T.J., Katie and Bronx Perry of Norman, OK have been high atop our VIP guest list for years.

Mountain Vista has become an annual home away from home for the Perry’s over the past several years. They’ve visited Mountain Vista numerous times and we’re honored they continue choosing our cabin for rest and relaxation in Beavers Bend State Park.

“Mountain vista cabin feels like home. We never feel like we are staying at someone else’s place. The view is amazing and there’s nothing better than cooking out and having dinner on the balcony. We also love the drive from Norman to the cabin. I enjoy driving through small towns and seeing different areas of the state,” T.J. said.

Katie is a Norman, OK police officer and felt a calling to serve others which led to a career in law enforcement.

“I love helping the community and knowing each day I can make a difference in someone’s life. It’s a tough job and some days are rough. The hardest part is dealing with calls that involve children or a domestic situation. Even though some situations are hard, you have to remain positive and know you’re helping. Even in situations where they may think they don’t need your assistance,” she said.

T.J. is a highly successful radio host in the Oklahoma City market on SportsTalk1400. He co-hosts the  statewide “T-Row In The Morning Show” with the Voice of the Oklahoma Sooners, Toby Rowland. Toby has also visited Mountain Vista.

“I always wanted to work in radio. I grew up around music, talk radio, and sports and knew radio gave me the chance to be around all three of those. I love how spontaneous radio is. From day-to-day I never know what we’re going to get into or where the show may go. My main job each morning is to make one person laugh or make their day better in some way. Many people aren’t morning people or they’re stuck in traffic or maybe just having a bad day. If I can take their mind of the worries of their day or job then I’ve done my job,” T.J said.

This highly popular statewide show has been a favorite of Oklahoman’s for over a decade. Mix their sports knowledge, humor and tremendous ability to ad-lib while sprinkled with scores of zany callers and you have the perfect recipe for great radio.

The Perry's return to Mountain Vista

Thanks to T.J., Katie and Bronx for making Mountain Vista their annual Beavers Bend luxury cabin destination!

Jerry Isbell

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Broken Bow, OK Flooding Update

Broken Bow Flooding Update

Broken Bow, OK flooding update…

David Payne, chief meteorologist at KWTV in Oklahoma City gave me his expert analysis regarding the situation in Beavers Bend State Park. David has been a guest at Mountain Vista through the years and we always enjoy welcoming him back to our vacation home.

I featured him on our blog last year. He loves Beavers Bend and is a frequent visitor to the Broken Bow Lake region.

“We are ending May as the wettest May on record. It is also the wettest month on record. These records date back to the late 1890’s. Another wave of rain this morning will continue to cause rising water on our area lakes, streams and rivers. Another wave or rain and storms will arrive tomorrow with additional heavy rain. A final wave of rain will hang around into Saturday with more flooding possible. By Sunday we begin to dry out and that will last for much of next week,” David said.

David is the top-rated meteorologist in the competitive Oklahoma City television weather market and we’re fortunate to have access to his expertise. He broadcasted seven or eight hours on live television a couple of weeks ago with no break…That’s why he’s the best in OKC! There’s none better in the market doing severe weather coverage than him.

If you’re visiting Beavers Bend this weekend, it’ll be a great time to bond with family and friends…indoors! Many of the best comments we receive from guests at Mountain Vista cabin are during bad weather. Our crock pot and fully furnished kitchen get lots of use when the weather is dreary.

A severe thunderstorm warning was just issued for Broken Bow, OK as I’m typing this.

Our cabin is always a great place to watch the storms come rolling in. I captured this video a couple of years ago from our upper deck.

Thanks to David Payne for giving us his expert insight into what to expect this weekend in Beavers Bend.

Jerry Isbell

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Beavers Bend Flooding Update

Beavers Bend Flooding Update

Beavers Bend flooding update…

Heavy rainfall has continued in Broken Bow, OK and many areas near Beavers Bend State Park are flooded. Mountain Vista cabin is high and dry and remains unscathed by the recent severe weather.

Fortunately, Mountain Vista sits atop a huge hill and is in perfect condition. Many cabin companies were forced to cancel reservations over the past few days due to flooding. Portions of the City of Broken Bow and surrounding areas have been without city water service.

All residents reportedly have functioning water services now.

We enjoy a water well at Mountain Vista and have a experienced no issues. We are proceeding as usual with reservations.

Beavers Bend flooding update

State Highway 3 near Rattan, OK and the Kiamichi River bridge is flooded and the road remains closed. Those traveling to Beavers Bend State Park from Oklahoma City will need to take I-40 to Sallisaw, Ok and come down Highway 259 South.

Beavers Bend State Park tourists traveling from Dallas will need to check road conditions near the Oklahoma-Texas border. There are reports of some roads being impassable due to high water.

13 cabin visitors were rescued by authorities on the Mountain Fork River Monday. This is about 15 miles east of Mountain Vista cabin.

The weather forecast indicates a good chance of rain over the next several days near Broken Bow Lake.

Check road conditions before traveling to Beavers Bend. We  have a local weather link on our app. Download it for news and area information.

If you have a cabin reserved during the next few weeks, communicate with your cabin management company to make sure the cabin has running water and is not flooded.

Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park remain closed. There are still many fantastic restaurants and shops to enjoy in McCurtain County, even during the rain.

Summer dates at Mountain Vista cabin are filling fast. We have a few weekdays available in June and July. No weekends are open until late August.

Contact us at 405-535-8055 if we can assist you with a Broken Bow luxury cabin. Bookmark our blog for the latest news from Beavers Bend State Park.

We’ll have another Beavers Bend flooding update as conditions change.

Jerry Isbell

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Beavers Bend Continues To Ride The Storm Out

Beavers Bend Continues To Ride The Storm Out Beavers Bend Continues To Ride The Storm Out

Torrential rainfall over the past month is still affecting many in the Broken Bow Lake region. Beavers Bend continues to ride the storm out.

These pictures are once again courtesy of Bryce Archey, owner of Bryce is the only fishing guide we endorse on Broken Bow Lake. The left pic in the parking lot at Beavers Bend Marina shows flooding is nearly covering the top of restrooms located close to the boat ramps.

The right picture is at the Broken Bow Lake dam bridge. Water continues to rise with each passing day. Several more inches of rainfall is expected over Memorial Day weekend. Broken Bow Lake and campgrounds in the Beavers Bend State Park area remain closed.

We hope you enjoy this holiday weekend wherever you are. Thousands read our blog each month and we thank you for the great feedback. We blog to educate you on how to choose a luxury cabin in Broken Bow and promote our wonderful area.

If you’re searching for the best breakfast, coffee or diner with a view, we’ve written about it over the past several years.  You’ll also find wacky tidbits such as how we teamed with our old friend and founder of the legendary rock band REO SpeedWagon for a video of Mountain Vista cabin.

Only a few dates remain open for the summer. Reserve your luxury cabin stay in Beavers Bend State Park soon. Bookings have been intense lately…we’ll have no dates available in July very soon.

Please remember why we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to our veterans who have sacrificed so much for the United States of America. We honor you this weekend.

 It’s pouring everywhere in the ArkLatex. If you have to be in the rain, it may as well be in Beavers Bend!

This song certainly seems apropos considering our recent weather conditions…Enjoy and Keep Ridin’ The Storm Out!

Jerry Isbell

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Heavy Rain Is Impacting Broken Bow Lake

Heavy Rain Is Impacting Broken Bow Lake
Photo courtesy of Bryce Archey

Heavy rain is impacting Broken Bow Lake according the area’s premiere fishing guide, Bryce Archey of 

“All boat ramps are closed until further notice. Depending on rains and what the Corp of Engineers can generate, my best case scenario for a ramp to open is three weeks. The park is still open but most camping in and around the lake is closed. We really don’t know when everything will be back open. Weather controls everything,” Archey said.

The flooding comes at a horrible time for tourism in the Beavers Bend State Park area. Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner and this will certainly have a significant financial impact to businesses in Broken Bow during the upcoming heavy tourist season.

Upscale luxury cabins in Beavers Bend State Park remain booked for the holiday weekend but toursim numbers will definitely be down until Broken Bow Lake is reopened.

Even though torrential rains have put a damper on activities in Beavers Bend State Park there are still many places to enjoy in Broken Bow. Download our app for all the local recommendations.

Jerry Isbell

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Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog ShowGreat Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

Sherri and I had a great weekend at the Oklahoma City Toy Dog Show. If you’ve been a visitor to Mountain Vista cabin in Beavers Bend, it’s easy to figure out we love dog shows. There’s usually several show dog magazines located throughout the cabin. We love educating people about this great sport.

We’ve been involved in the American Kennel Club (AKC) dog show world for about 20 years. Initially with boxers and now with our pride and joy, “Kula”,  a Champion Brussels Griffon. He’s one spoiled little guy and loves being the center of attention at shows.

Great Weekend at OKC Toy Dog Show

He was nationally ranked in his breed last year and will soon be again after this weekend’s performance. He earned two Grand Champion Select awards and will be competing next at the Oklahoma City Summer Classic show in June. The OKC Classic is the sixth-largest show in the United States and “Kula” had a few stellar days at the show last year.

Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

 Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

AKC dog shows are a great way to learn about various breeds. Many people attend these shows to gather information about their next pet or show dog from the professionals. You can walk backstage at shows and approach handlers as they’re grooming dogs for the ring.

Dog show people are usually very approachable backstage. Engaging handlers just as they’re about to enter the ring isn’t a good idea. That’s when it’s “showtime”.  They’re scouting the competition, analyzing the judge and making sure their dog is mentally prepared.

Sherri has handled “Kula” in the ring during every winning point on the way to his championship. He’s now only five-points away from being crowned a Grand Champion.

Summer dates are going fast at Mountain Vista, especially in July. Limited weekdays remain open in June.

Look for us at a dog show near you soon…we’d love to meet you!

Jerry Isbell

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Breakfast in Broken Bow

Breakfast in Broken Bow is fantastic at Adam & Eve’s Coffeehouse in Beavers Bend State Park!

I’ve written about this great place a few times previously. We love it.

They have a terrific atmosphere and offer a variety of coffees along with breakfast and lunch specials. I visited with their friendly staff last week and enjoyed their famous Breakfast Burrito…it’s the bomb!

Breakfast in Broken Bow  Breakfast in Broken Bow


The breakfast burrito was the best I’ve ever had. It was filled with generous portions of eggs and sausage and the service is always fast and impeccable at Adam & Eve’s Coffeehouse.

i devoured the burrito but the waffle was a different story. Look at the size of this thing! I could only finish a small portion of it.

If you’ve arrived in Beavers Bend and forgotten a few essential items, they have a variety of quick-stop products. Browse their nifty souvenir shop in the building while sipping on their delicious coffee.

They’ve updated their menu with new wraps and salads and even offer a kids menu.

Breakfast in Broken Bow

Breakfast in Broken Bow is great at Adam & Eve’s…Tell them I sent you!

By Jerry Isbell


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Free S’Mores At Mountain Vista

Free S'mores at Mountain Vista

We always feature free s’mores at Mountain Vista!

Others are charging $25 – $40 for generic s’mores. We always have name brand products and occasional extras such as root beer, gourmet coffee and tea.

If you arrive at Mountain Vista and suddenly realize you forgot to pack Starbucks Coffee, no worries. Mountain Vista has a Keurig machine and we offer many Starbucks varieties at no additional charge.

When traveling to Beavers Bend State Park on a budget it’s important to factor in all the add-on fees many cabin companies charge. The initial rate may look low but hold on to your wallet! Charges for firewood, insurance, cleaning and resort fees will increase your nightly payment significantly.

May is a great month for fishing on Broken Bow Lake.  I visited with Broken Bow’s superstar fishing guide, Bryce Archey, and he reports smallmouth bass and walleye are hitting his line frequently. We offer a “Fish and Stay” package with Bryce where you can enjoy a fantastic day on the lake with him while staying at Mountain Vista.

Free S'mores at Mountain Vista

Summer dates are booking fast at Mountain Vista. Make your reservation soon. Only four weekends remain open until September. We feature this incredible 20-mile view from our deck and there’s always free s’mores at Mountain Vista!

Whether you prefer golfing, boating or fishing, there’s something for everyone at Beavers Bend State Park!

Download our free app and take advantage of occasional VIP offers. We have all the local Beavers Bend hot spots listed on the app plus videos and pictures of the scenic Broken Bow Lake area.

Remember to do your homework before choosing a luxury vacation cabin in Beavers Bend.
“Discount cabins” are not always as inexpensive as they seem after add-on charges are figured in.

Come see us in Beavers Bend and enjoy free s’mores at Mountain Vista!

By Jerry Isbell


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