Ridin’ The Storm Out at Beavers Bend’s Mountain Vista

Enjoyed storms yesterday morning at Mountain Vista. They didn’t last long but we had massive thunder and a brief lightning show.

We get tons of great guest notes about seeing the severe weather roll in from 20 miles away. If you’re a “Weather Geek”, you’ll love our cabin!

Our next opening is Aug 19-26. Come pray for rain with us! Get Beavers Bend’s only app: 

https://www.beaversbendvacations.comWe’ll be announcing a few specials for app only users soon!

Jerry & Sherri Isbell  

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Upcoming Openings

We’re open June 25-28. Check our calendar for July…There’s still a few dates remaining at Mountain Vista cabin.

Local restaurant tip: We love the burgers and catfish at Shady Oaks Restaurant, just southwest of the Beavers Bend State Park entrance. Nice folks, try them for lunch!

Call us if we can assist you with your Beavers Bend/Broken Bow Lake stay this summer. Get Beavers Bend’s only app:

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Beavers Bend Mountain Vista Storm

Here’s the view from our west deck during last weeks storms at Mountain Vista cabin. Many guests tell us they love watching the rain from here!

Summer dates are quickly filling. We have a few remaining dates open in May.

We hope you’ll “Ride the Storm Out” with us soon in Beavers Bend!

Jerry & Sherri Isbell
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Beavers Bend Mountain Vista Tour

Mountain Vista Panoramic View

A view from inside the cabin. We built Mountain Vista with two things in mind that separate us from others. We wanted a great view of our secluded forest from inside and outside the cabin.

Inside Mountain Vista, you’ll see nothing but towering pines from every window in the cabin. Our 20 mile deck view has received lots of publicity during the past few years…

Our views from inside the cabin are equally amazing!

Call us with any questions regarding your next trip to Beavers Bend.

Jerry & Sherri Isbell
Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin
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Left, Right, Left, Right Left…

When searching for a cabin at Beavers Bend/Broken Bow Lake do your homework. Ask a few questions regarding what’s to the left, right, front and behind the property.  How close are other cabins? Ask for pictures of the cabin from all angles.

How close is the road? Some cabins are within a few feet of a dusty road.

If your neighbors are under a few hundred yards away, you’ll hear noise instead of the wind blowing through towering pines. The rush for highly sought after luxury cabins will begin soon. Don’t get surprised by booking a cabin and not knowing another family will literally be 30 feet away!

See this previous post for more info:

There are many amazing cabins in Beavers Bend. Choose the one that’s best for you. Our niche is an unmatched, breathtaking 20 mile panoramic view, private decks and upscale amenities. You like chocolate? We usually have that too!

Make sure to ask questions. Remember: check left, left, left, right left!

Jerry Isbell
Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin
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Old Man Winter & Beavers Bend…A Perfect Combination!

There’s a different feel in Beavers Bend during January and February. It’s less crowded, more room to roam. It’s always peaceful here but for those who enjoy fire pits, silence and the forest…the dead of winter at Mountain Vista Cabin will warm your soul!
Check in Sunday-Tuesday during January/February and receive the third night free. We sometimes offer last minute specials via our app. Get it here: Our app recommends where to eat and visit during your Beavers Bend/Broken Bow Lake stay.
Much of our foliage is taking a break during the next few months. Our 20 mile view never rests! It’s always amazing!
Jerry Isbell
Mountain Vista Cabin
Photo credit: Brenda Hammer Sorrells
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Four Aces In This Deck!

Mountain Vista’s massive decks just received a fresh stain. We feature two upstairs private decks offering acres of seclusion and a towering pine tree only inches away. You truly are in the middle of the woods and away from other cabins!

Our upstairs north private deck is a guest favorite for reading a novel while being surrounded by the lush Beavers Bend forest. The south upper deck is also private and takes your breath away…It’s the 20 mile view at the beginning of our video tour: 

Jerry Isbell 
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We’ll Keep You Warm In December!

The fire pit has been a welcome site to Mountain Vista’s guests during the past few weeks. Winter has arrived in Broken Bow, OK but we’ll keep you warm with our great cabin and amazing 20 mile view of serenity!

Enjoy the fireplace while preparing a steaming hot batch of stew from our fully equipped kitchen.

December dates are available. Winter is wonderful around the Beavers Bend/Broken Bow Lake region!

Jerry & Sherri Isbell

Owners, Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin


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We’re “Falling” at Mountain Vista!

In just a few weeks, the scenery at Mountain Vista in Broken Bow will look like this…a wonderful kaleidoscope of colors will proudly beam through the Kiamichi Mountains.

Fall is approaching and our dates are filling quickly. Come enjoy the view and serenity!

Jerry & Sherri Isbell
Owners, Mountain Vista Luxury Cabin
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