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Beavers Bend Weekend Activities

Beavers Bend Weekend Activities

If you’re looking for weekend Beavers Bend activities during dreary weather, we have a few tips.

Sherri and I enjoyed a weekend at Mountain Vista decorating the cabin and visiting our favorite hot spots. If you encounter frigid weather and the lake or river isn’t calling your name, follow our lead…

Beavers Bend Weekend Activities

We visited the great people at Mountain Man Meat Market and had their amazing seafood gumbo special. If you like friendly people and world-class gourmet meats, you’ll love this new Beavers Bend business.

No morning is complete in Beavers Bend without stopping by Adam & Eve’s Coffee House. Owner, Pam Jackson, is constantly adding healthy dining options and her gift shop continues to expand. We almost bought her entire inventory of locally made soaps!

Our favorite place in Beavers Bend is always hanging out with our friends at Moon Tower Bar and Grill. Chef Tabb Singleton, a two-time Food Network Champion, is always there to greet us with a smile and world-class cuisine. The chicken and dumplings were tremendous!

Beavers Bend Weekend Activities

We’re offering Beavers Bend fans a 20% discount on weekdays in January at Mountain Vista. The winter months are a perfect time to visit Broken Bow while enjoying our fire pit and hot tub. Firewood is always free along with s’mores kits and other upscale amenities.

You’ll never pay resort fees or incur additional add-on charges at Mountain Vista. Many cabins gouge guests with an additional 10% or more…not us!

Another year of Christmas decorating is in the books at Mountain Vista in Broken Bow. It’s a special time for us annually. Our vacation home awaits wonderful guests during the holiday season.

Enjoy your Beavers Bend weekend activities and make sure to visit Mountain Man Meat Market, Moon Tower Bar and Grill and Adam and Eve’s.

Remember, there’s always something to do near Beavers Bend State Park…even in frigid weather.

Beavers Bend Weekend Activities


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Beavers Bend Winter Cabin Special

Winter Beavers Bend Cabins

Mountain Vista’s Beavers Bend Winter Cabin Special has been announced today across various media platforms.

Enjoy 20% off at Mountain Vista luxury cabin December 4-18 and during January 2017!

Beavers Bend Winter Special

Other cabins in Broken Bow charge $100 or more for a couple of days supply of firewood…not us! It’s always free. You’ll never spend a penny around our fire pit for s’mores either.

Our famous s’mores kits are also on the house at Mountain Vista. These aren’t simply generic junk…Sherri’s s’mores kits are vacuum sealed and always include a few extras like gourmet tea and Starbucks!

Who else provides free Starbucks in Beavers Bend?

Get our app for Beavers Bend tourist information.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this special offer and enjoy one of Beavers Bend’s most spectacular views from our deck.

Winter in Beavers Bend

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TravelOK Mountain Vista Giveaway

 TravelOK Mountain Vista Giveaway

The TravelOK Mountain Vista giveaway was just announced!

Enter to win a two-night stay at our vacation home in Beavers Bend State Park. In addition, you’ll receive a $100 gift certificate to the famous Moon Tower Bar & Grill.

Our soothing hot tub, plush accommodations and 20-mile views of the Kiamichi Mountains are awaiting you. There’s nothing like relaxing with a glass of wine and enjoying sunsets from the deck of Mountain Vista.

I’ll make sure the two-time Food Network champion chef, Tabb Singleton takes great care of you. Thanks to TravelOK for always doing a fantastic job of promoting tourism in Oklahoma.

Good luck!

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Broken Bow Fall Foliage

Fall is Here! Mountain Vista’s View!

The Broken Bow Fall foliage season is only a few weeks away. This sunrise shot was taken from the deck of Mountain Vista November 10th a couple of years ago.

October and November are huge tourist months in Beavers Bend, especially weekends. Our Thursday-Saturday dates are full at Mountain Vista until December. A few weekdays remain available during foliage season.

Our fire pit at Mountain Vista is a favorite spot for guests to gather while enjoying a glass of wine in the evening. We always provide free firewood.

The Broken Bow fall foliage season is the top tourist attraction in Oklahoma during October and November. For a list of all the hot spots, download our Beavers Bend app.

The famous Talimena Drive is our top activity recommendation when visiting Broken Bow during foliage season. The winding roads and breathtaking scenery prove the ultimate fall foliage experience in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Thousands visit Broken Bow, OK for the annual Beavers Bend Folk Festival. This year’s dates are November 11-13.

Broken Bow Fall Foliage

Our free s’mores kits are a guest favorite year-round, but even more so during the fall. Others charge more than $40 for generic versions of ours in Beavers Bend. We don’t do generic junk at Mountain Vista!

When researching luxury cabins in Beavers Bend, remember to look for photos of the property perimeter. Scores of cabins are being built and they’re becoming closer together. You’ll be in for a big surprise when you arrive if you don’t do your homework.

Broken Bow Fall Foliage

There are over 1,000 luxury cabins in the Beavers Bend State Park region. Most have resort fees and add-on charges for insurance, cleaning and firewood. We never have these fees at Mountain Vista.

Mountain Vista features acres of seclusion and unmatched sunset views of the Kiamichi Mountains. Contact us to reserve your stay at the cabin lauded as “A Place to Stay in Oklahoma” by TravelOK!

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Choosing A Broken Bow Cabin Management Company

 “I need help choosing a Broken Bow cabin management company.” I get this question asked often via our app and website.

I always delve into their goals. Do they want to be an elite player or just rent their Beavers Bend luxury cabin occasionally?

If you want to play in the cabin big leagues and develop a brand, it’s foolish to hire a company that’s marketing 30-70 other cabins. You’ll be lost in the shuffle.

It’s easy to figure out if a Beavers Bend management company will be a good fit. Analyze their marketing and ask yourself a few questions…

  1. Do they have cutting-edge technology? Professional videos, apps and a highly read blog?
  2. Are they social media experts or simply occasional posters? See my funny story from earlier this year.
  3. Are they always adding/deleting cabins on their website?
  4. How are their references?
  5. What is their fee structure? Do they charge owners for advertising and stays in their cabin? 
  6. Do they add a surcharge fee to owners for routine maintenance. (Tip: If you have propane delivered or maintenance done, make sure you see an invoice from the vendor, not the management company.)

Choosing A Broken Bow Cabin Management Company Mountain Vista Cabin, Broken Bow, OK

A few cabin owners rely on themselves to publicize their cabin in Beavers Bend.

Developing a cabin brand and not simply being a number is difficult without having extensive marketing and media experience. How will you separate yourself?

Your cabin must have something unique to offer near Broken Bow Lake. Cabins with seclusion and great views are becoming increasingly scarce.

Management companies gouging tourists with add-on and resort fees is becoming more prevalent.

The most important thing isn’t simply having a cabin…people must be able to find it via blogs, videos, apps and social media.

Contact us if you would like to be a part of our website and other media outlets. Thousands have the Beavers Bend app we created.

Our media background enables us to offer professional video at no cost to you with our marketing program.

Are you tired of being a cabin owner lost in the shuffle?

Choosing A Broken Bow Cabin Management Company

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Reviews of Mountain Vista Cabin

Reviews of Mountain Vista Cabin

The latest Beavers Bend cabin reviews of Mountain Vista cabin are in and they’re fantastic!

Sherri and I are grateful to the legions of Beavers Bend fans that experienced our vacation home for the first time this summer. We had many repeat guests too.

Summer will be in our rearview mirror soon after the upcoming Labor Day Weekend. Our favorite seasons at Mountain are fall and winter…we love foliage and the fire pit!

To enjoy views like ours, you’ve gotta climb a little blacktop hill, but its well worth it. Our hill is easily accessible in a car, just give it a little gas and you’ll be fine.

We only have a handful of weekend dates available until Thanksgiving at Mountain Vista. Friday-Saturday dates are golden and in high demand.

A tip for first-time luxury cabin visitors to Beavers Bend State Park. When you rent from a management company, they’re dealing with 30-70 other cabin rentals during your stay. Do the math.

No need to be a rocket scientist to determine that you won’t receive much personalized attention. Mountain Vista is truly our vacation home and you deal directly with us, the owners.

Mountain Vista cabin features free firewood, s’mores kits and no add-on charges for hot tub, insurance and cleaning fees. There’s actually a hot tub charge in Beavers Bend a few have implemented…I don’t get it.

We have a hot tub and want you to use it…there’s no additional fee.

Download our app for a list of all the hot spots in Beavers Bend. Three wineries and a couple of breweries are now prevolent in the Kiamichi Mountains. There are plenty of activities for you to enjoy in Beavers Bend.

Cooler temps and the Talimena Drive are just around the corner for Broken Bow cabin visitors. Contact us at Mountain Vista to reconnect with nature in style…and no resort fees.

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August Fishing Report

August Fishing Report

Our favorite fishing guide, Bryce Archey, shared an August fishing report on his website.

Bryce is my personal guide and I’ll be on the water with for a couple of outings with him soon! He recently announced an August special and provides a great experience for novice to professional anglers.

There is a huge adrenaline rush seeing the bass pop out of the water while feeding on shad. It happens frequently during August and Bryce studies the lake like none other. He knows where to find the fish!

We have “Fish and Stay” packages available at Mountain Vista in conjunction with Bryce, owner of BrokenBowLake

Our August special gives you a free night! Arrive on the 21st or 28th and your fourth-night is on us!

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Summer Update

Summer Update

We’re rolling through the summer at Mountain Vista and swamped with bookings. Only July 11-14 and 17-20 remain open this month.

Guests checked out today and sent us this note:

“Oh my gosh, I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it was and how much fun the kids had! Thank you very much for all the preparation that obviously goes on to ensure that we had a great time!”

We’re fortunate to have earned a loyal following and great visitors for years at Mountain Vista. Our top guest in 2015 stayed with us six times…they’re big-time fans!

No weekends are open at Mountain Vista in July and only two are available in August.

October is a perfect time to visit Beavers Bend cabins and enjoy the famous fall foliage season. Only two weekends remain open…it’s a very popular month.

The Talimena Drive should be on your must-do list when visiting Broken Bow in the fall. It’s convenient for OKC visitors visiting our area. Head to Sallisaw and down to Broken Bow.

The drive is stunning…

The winding roads provide picturesque views of Southeastern Oklahoma. There are plenty of  fantastic spots to pullover for photo-ops.

Download our Beavers Bend app for links to our blog and VIP Beavers Bend cabin offers.

Thanks to @TheRustieNail for including us in their latest blog, “Travel Guide to Broken Bow Oklahoma! We’re thrilled they had an enjoyable trip to Beavers Bend and grateful for being their featured cabin recommendation.

When you stay at Mountain Vista there are never add-on charges for insurance, cleaning, firewood, s’mores kits or resort fees. We’re an upper-end luxury cabin in Beavers Bend State Park with a stunning 20-mile view.

Summer Update

Scores of cabins continue to pop up, only for rental purposes. Mountain Vista isn’t simply a rental…it’s our vacation home. Sherri and I invite you to visit soon!

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Hey Man, You’re Posting On My Page…


I received a nasty, barley coherent message on my voicemail recently that questioned my integrity, She sounded like a female version of either Cheech or Chong. I called back in seconds and may have set the world speed dialing record.

“You’ve been posting on my Facebook page for months and it’s very unethical, I want you to stop,” she said.

This Beavers Bend cabin management person had just shown her true colors. After five-seconds of questioning, I realized she didn’t know the difference between an algorithm and Atoka.

She’d seen our Facebook sponsored ads come across her timeline, and being completely uneducated about social media, didn’t have a clue.

I told her we couldn’t control where Facebook sends our ads and we only post on our mediums. “You’re completely wrong,” I said.

Do you know the difference between Facebook timelines, business pages and sponsored ads,” I asked?  “Hmm…No,” she said.

Huge mistake on her part…she then said “Oh, I see another cabin company on my Facebook page now.” 

At this point I almost felt sorry for her. My sentiments quickly turned to her cabin owners. They trust her as a marketing and media expert. Man, are they getting taken to the cleaners.

I began thinking about cabin owners paying her to tons of money to market their $300K-$1-million luxury cabin investments…and she admittedly knows nothing about marketing or social media platforms.

I advised her to do a little research; her cabin owners would appreciate it. I politely told her to never call me again.

I’d love to play her message for you, but there’s no need to crumble her. Despite the fact that while doing global marketing for 30 years, I’ve never received such an incompetent burst of uneducated and rude blabber.

Her ineptness and lack of trying to learn marketing and media 101 is a shot in the heart to her Beavers Bend luxury cabin owners. Many owners are rolling the dice…hoping and praying their cabin management company isn’t living in the media stone age.

She’s stuck in the Paleolithic era.

If you’re searching for a marketing/media and property management company in Beavers Bend, do your homework.

Is your luxury cabin stuck on a website with 30-60 other cabins and you’re not receiving world-class marketing and media?

You have a choice…and it doesn’t have to be Cheech or Chong…

We can help.

No, she didn’t apologize.

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Beavers Bend Brewery

Beavers Bend Brewery

I enjoyed touring the Beavers Bend Brewery recently and learning about one of the newest tourist attractions near Broken Bow Lake.

They’re located next to Girls Gone Wine on Highway 259 North. The Beavers Bend Brewery features a plethora of hand-crafted beers on tap and a growler.

Beavers Bend Brewery

The Beavers Bend Brewery has a beautiful and spacious outdoor seating area. It’s a perfect place to enjoy sipping a cold-one while visiting the Kiamichi Mountains.

Beavers Bend Brewery

 Their staff is welcoming and knowledgable and will quickly make you feel at home. The brewery is only a few minutes drive from Mountain Vista luxury cabin. Make sure to visit the Beavers Bend Brewery on your next trip to Broken Bow, OK.

Beavers Bend Brewery

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