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Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog ShowGreat Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

Sherri and I had a great weekend at the Oklahoma City Toy Dog Show. If you’ve been a visitor to Mountain Vista cabin in Beavers Bend, it’s easy to figure out we love dog shows. There’s usually several show dog magazines located throughout the cabin. We love educating people about this great sport.

We’ve been involved in the American Kennel Club (AKC) dog show world for about 20 years. Initially with boxers and now with our pride and joy, “Kula”,  a Champion Brussels Griffon. He’s one spoiled little guy and loves being the center of attention at shows.

Great Weekend at OKC Toy Dog Show

He was nationally ranked in his breed last year and will soon be again after this weekend’s performance. He earned two Grand Champion Select awards and will be competing next at the Oklahoma City Summer Classic show in June. The OKC Classic is the sixth-largest show in the United States and “Kula” had a few stellar days at the show last year.

Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

 Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

Great Weekend At OKC Toy Dog Show

AKC dog shows are a great way to learn about various breeds. Many people attend these shows to gather information about their next pet or show dog from the professionals. You can walk backstage at shows and approach handlers as they’re grooming dogs for the ring.

Dog show people are usually very approachable backstage. Engaging handlers just as they’re about to enter the ring isn’t a good idea. That’s when it’s “showtime”.  They’re scouting the competition, analyzing the judge and making sure their dog is mentally prepared.

Sherri has handled “Kula” in the ring during every winning point on the way to his championship. He’s now only five-points away from being crowned a Grand Champion.

Summer dates are going fast at Mountain Vista, especially in July. Limited weekdays remain open in June.

Look for us at a dog show near you soon…we’d love to meet you!

Jerry Isbell

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Add-On Fees in Beavers Bend

Add on fees in Beavers Bend

Pay attention to add-on fees in Beavers Bend before reserving your luxury cabin.

Broken Bow Lake visitors are enjoying fantastic spring weather this week. Just because warmer temperatures have arrived in Beavers Bend, there is no need for your pocketbook to become overheated because of needless luxury cabin fees.

A plethora of cabin management companies are charging over 20% for add-on fees in Beavers Bend. These wallet-stuffing surcharges include cleaning, insurance, firewood and resort fees. We never gouge guests with these fees at Mountain Vista.

Scores of luxury cabin owners and visitors have told us they appreciate Broken Bow cabin renting tips like this on our blog. We feel add-on fees in Beavers Bend are unnecessary. Our blog continues to grow and is read by thousands each month. We try to provide education about the area and also help you save money along the way.

Add on fees in Beavers Bend

In addition to add-on fees in Beavers Bend, there is another critical element you need to consider before renting a luxury cabin in Broken Bow. How secluded is it? Websites pictures can often be deceiving and you arrive to find the Smith’s family reunion is only a few yards away next door!

Make sure you will truly have a secluded acreage before renting a cabin. There are many wonderful cabins in Beavers Bend. Some are very nice but not secluded. Many are secluded…do your homework.

The two biggest complaints we hear from people staying at other cabins in Beavers Bend are paying add-on fees and a lack of seclusion. You will not have that issue at Mountain Vista! We feature acres of isolation, free s’mores kits and upscale accommodations.

Reservations are quickly filling and there are only a few weekends available until August. Make sure to get the Beavers Bend app we created and accept “push notification” when downloading. This allows us to text you VIP offers. We only send a few per-month and our app fans will tell you there are occasionally some “very special deals!”

You’re dealing with us, the owners, when reserving our vacation home. This is very different protocol compared to renting a luxury cabin from a company touting 30-50 cabins. This has always been a strong selling point for us and we enjoy having great relationships with many guests.

Remember to be on the lookout for add-on fees in Beavers Bend and make your plans to visit Mountain Vista soon. Contact us at 405-535-8055 if we can help plan your next trip to beautiful Broken Bow Lake.

By Jerry Isbell

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Beavers Bend Cabin February Promotion

Beavers Bend Cabin February Promotion

There’s still time to take advantage of our Beavers Bend cabin February promotion at Mountain Vista in Broken Bow, OK.

Check-in on Monday or Tuesday and receive 20% off. Stay three-nights and your fourth is free!

Our Spring Break dates are full for Texas and Oklahoma weeks with the exception of one night. We have March 13th available. We normally don’t do single-night reservations but will consider it since these dates are in such high demand.

Beavers Bend Cabin February Promotion

January has been extremely busy at Mountain Vista in Beavers Bend. Two new flat-screen televisions have been installed upstairs and most of our gigantic triple-level deck has been stained.

Recent guests left us an amazing note stating “this is the best equipped luxury rental kitchen I’ve ever seen.”

That’s always great to hear and we certainly try! The kitchen is Sherri’s area of expertise and she does a tremendous job of stocking it with everything  you will probably need when visiting the Broken Bow Lake area. Our fully stocked spice cabinet receives rave reviews from Mountain Vista visitors. We’ve discovered a new “favorite” spice for our steaks and it will be added to the cabinet soon!


Mountain Vista visitors always receive free s’mores kits. Unlike others, we offer them 365 days per-year. Our kits feature no generic junk…only name brand ingredients!

 Dates remain available for our Beavers Bend cabin February promotion. Contact us at 405-535-8055. We offer other periodic specials to the thousands who have our app, download it here.

Our state-of-the-art app was designed in Los Angeles by the same company that created app’s for Bon Jovi, Madonna and jason Aldean.  We spared no expense with it. Needless to say, it wasn’t designed in someone’s basement in Broken Bow!

There are usually many fantastic weather days during February in Beavers Bend State Park. Make your plans to take in a sunset at Mountain Vista soon. Our 20-mile view of serenity will help cure the Winter Blues!

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Broken Bow Lake Fishing Guide

Broken Bow Lake Fishing Guides

Searching for a Broken Bow Lake fishing guide? They are highly sought after near Beavers Bend State Park. I recently had the great experience of spending several hours on the lake with Bryce Archey of BrokenBowLakeGuide.com. I now understand why he has been lauded as the best in Southeastern Oklahoma for many years.

Bryce, a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University, is a charismatic bass fishing expert. As we hit the lake in his decked out boat, the learning, laughter and good times began immediately. We scorched across Broken Bow Lake and hit the first fishing spot around 7:00 a.m. Bryce knew exactly where the bass would be schooling and the lures and presentation to use in order to get them to visit the friendly confines of his livewell tank.

.Broken Bow Lake Fishing Guide

My buddy along for the trip landed a nice bass on his first cast! Bryce knows Broken Bow Lake like the back of his hand and provided excellent education regarding how wind, weather and lake levels impact having a successful venture on the water.

“I get tremendous satisfaction from teaching people how to catch fish on Broken Bow Lake,” Bryce said. He has fished Southeastern Oklahoma his entire life and considers Broken Bow Lake to be the top lake for anglers in our area.

Broken Bow Lake Fishing Guide

Bryce paid his dues along the way in his quest to become the premier fishing guide in the Beavers Bend State Park area. “I used to fish nearly all night, park the boat in a cove and catch a few hours sleep, then hit the lake again at daybreak,” he recalled.

When you visit Beavers Bend State Park and the Broken Bow Lake area, hire an expert if you truly want to catch fish, have lots of laughs, and learn about bass fishing. I grew up on Broken Bow Lake but have not had the opportunity to bass fish in several years. One outing with him and I was hooked…So were several nice fish! We had such a tremendous experience that we booked him for second outing.

Broken Bow Lake Fishing Guide

We caught over 30 and kept 17 nice bass. Bryce will fillet the fish for you at the end of the outing and trust me, lunch was amazing! Contact Bryce Archey at 870-582-4561. He has gift certificates available and accepts credit cards. He also provides fishing equipment.

If you have always thought about hiring a Broken Bow Lake fishing guide, I highly recommend Bryce Archey. His kindness and professionalism are top notch and I promise you it will be fun!

He is in high demand and everyone has spoken highly of him for years…except the fish in Broken Bow Lake!

If we can help arrange a Mountain Vista luxury cabin stay and fishing trip with Bryce for you, contact us at BeaversBendVacations.com or 405-535-8055.

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Beavers Bend Memorial Weekend Cabins

Beavers Bend Memorial Weekend Cabins

When you’re researching cabins in Beavers Bend for Memorial Day Weekend, there are a few things you should consider when trying to secure a spot near Broken Bow Lake and Mountain Fork River.

Many cabins management companies tend to oversell how many people their properties will accommodate in hopes of charging more per head to increase revenues at the sake of guest comfort. If you see a three-bedroom cabin being advertised as holding 15 people, think about it for a second…Would you want that many people in your house?

There’s a difference between “rental cabins” and “vacation homes” in the Beavers Bend State Park luxury cabin game. If you can deal directly with the owners, most of the time that’s a plus. The owner wants great people and a comfortable number of guests in their expensive luxury home. Large rental companies may not care…Some do. It’s usually churn baby churn, get you in and out and move on to the next guests when dealing with many of the mass renting property management companies.  Many will also charge you extra for firewood, insurance and use other goofy, guest gouging tactics. We don’t do it that way. Many will post unauthorized pictures on their websites or not let you know there’s another cabin a few feet away. It’s easy for a picture to make a luxury property look great…Make them show you a panoramic video view of the property. It’s much more difficult to be unethical with this form of media.

There’s still another rental company in the area using our 20-mile deck view on their website! It’s been going on for over a year. Beware of false advertising such as this.  As we’ve told you here before, do your homework when choosing a luxury destination. It’s tough for someone to have great quality control if they’re renting 20-30 cabins, especially during a peak holiday period. There are a few companies who are able to accomplish this task, ask us for a reference.

We’re gearing up for a fantastic spring and summer at Mountain Vista cabin in Beavers Bend. There are many great cabins in Broken Bow. Pick an owner or rental outfit that’s honest, ethical and has a good reputation.

Make your summer plans soon to visit McCurtain County. Our tourist season has officially arrived! Come enjoy the most scenic place in Oklahoma!

By Jerry Isbell


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Oklahoma Spring Break



Oklahoma Spring Break is quickly approaching. We’re booked during the Texas Spring Break week but still have availability for Oklahoma’s  during March 16-23. Make sure you have an Oklahoma fishing license and are aware of the proper places to ride ATV’s in the area. The fines are hefty, so make sure you know the proper protocol before visiting Beavers Bend.

Spend a few minutes and scroll our blog here…We’ve written about numerous topics and educated Oklahoma luxury cabin renters regarding things to consider before booking a getaway. If a feature isn’t on a website, consider it unavailable. Many times if a picture or amenity is on a website, it’s also not there!

For example, there’s another luxury cabin company in Beavers Bend using our 20-mile cabin view on their website for marketing purposes. They don’t have a view like ours! Do your homework. Broken Bow Lake cabins are expensive to own and operate, if done properly. Watch for cost cutting measures such as generic products and condiments in the cabin. Who wants to pay over $300/night for a cabin and use sandpaper for paper towels? Make sure you have a trusted company  to deal with and better yet, if you’re able talk directly with the owners, that’s ideal…Most owners will truly care.


Many times, a young cabin company employee taking your call won’t have their 30-50 cabin property details memorized and you can’t always depend on a website for truth and accuracy. Ask a few questions: “Do you have a great view?” “What’s your definition of seclusion?” “How close will we be to other cabins?” “How many acres is the property?” “Do I have to pay extra for firewood?” “Do you have add-on charges for bogus things like insurance and extra cleaning fees?”

We had a friendly couple reserve by phone a few days ago and were pleasantly surprised they were able to speak directly with Sherri and me, the owners. Unlike others who have 30-50 cabins and employ teenagers to take your calls, we have a vested interest in our visitors having an outstanding guest experience.

We own it! And the view!

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Cabins in Beavers Bend…Exploring Mountain Fork River


Are you planning a Beavers Bend getaway to Mountain Vista cabin in the next few weeks and wondering what to do in the dead of winter? Exploring Mountain Fork River is one of our guests favorite pastimes.

The area behind Beavers Bend Restaurant in the state park offers a tremendous array of photo-ops and if you’re willing to hike a little, taking shots like these are a great way to spend the day near Broken Bow Lake area cabins.

Fly fishing the Mountain Fork River and taking in the sights and sounds of wildlife and the flowing stream is definitely something to consider doing when visiting the Hochatown cabin area. There are scores of fishing guides available and professionals who can offer expert advice regarding where and how to land a big stringer of trout. Get our app for local tourist info.


Contact us if you have questions regarding activities in Broken Bow, OK.  Our S’mores Special continues during the next few months. Book your Oklahoma Spring Break trip now before it’s too late! Valentine’s weekend is now available, call us at 405-535-8055 to reserve.

By Jerry Isbell


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Beavers Bend Cabin Guests Have Spoken… Guest Book Three On The Way!


It’s time for Guest Book three. Two books are just about full. Tons of great stories in the first two editions from our Mountain Vista visitors. One of the most prevalent themes is sadness upon leaving…They want to stay just one day longer! Our guests tell us they love reading the stories of those who enjoyed Beavers Bend before them. Many times, they know prior guests…It’s a small world!

We always write the first post in each new book. One cold December night a couple of years ago,  Sherri and I sat by the fireplace and started reflecting about what has made this place so special. We still read the notes immediately after walking through the Mountain Vista door. They always put a smile on our faces. This was our intro to Guest Book two.

“Mountain Vista Cabin has come a long way since the day we drove up the hill, heard the wind piercing through the towering pines and were captivated with the view. We truly knew at that point this was the place to build! Opening the guestbook is the first thing we do after unlocking the door to our vacation home. The comments are a validation that dreams can come true. We’re blessed to have numerous guests experience Mountain Vista several times each year. We’ve heard a plethora of touching stories about this place…

Buried within these four walls are tales of love, laughter, solace and even a party or two! We’ve hosted those welcoming new babies, newly created marriages and sadly, several who enjoyed it here knowing their last days on earth were numbered. This cabin has become much more than just a getaway. Beavers Bend, Broken Bow Lake and our guests have become syncopated with our heartbeats. To this day, we still get excited driving up the hill knowing our dream is just around the slight left curve. It’s our hope you’ll say “It’s been worth it” after taking in the sunset or enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck in the morning. You may also be amazed at the wildlife in this peaceful setting.

Our hope is that you learn to see something even more amazing and have a greater love for each other, nature and serenity. When the time comes to say “Goodbye Mountain Vista,” our prayer is your visit will cause things to never be the same. They’ll be better because these woods and walls have blessed you as much as they have us. Whether it’s a jaunt through the forest or an embrace with a loved one, there’s usually a moment when our guests say “I’ve got it” and fully understand the “Mountain Vista Experience.” Your experience begins now…make the most of it!”

By Jerry Isbell


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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Beavers Bend Cabin Rental


We’ve been in the Broken Bow Lake luxury cabin arena for several years and have a pretty good grasp on what people like and dislike when choosing a McCurtain County getaway. Here’s a few mistakes people have told us they’ve made when looking for a “Great Deal” in Beavers Bend.

Choosing the Cheapest Price: This usually comes with lots of “Gotcha’s” upon arrival. You get what you pay for when staying at a Beavers Bend cabin. A lower priced cabin usually means there’s a great view of another cabin a few feet away and scores of loud neighbors are nearby. Discount cabins attract “Discount Guests” and this has an effect on a cabin’s wear and tear over the years. Never pay add-on fees or accept bogus charges for firewood or extra insurance. If you want groceries delivered to the cabin prior to arrival or have a special request, always expect to pay an acceptable charge of 15-20%.

Choosing A Location That’s Not Upscale: We’ve heard horror stories of people arriving at their cabin and the property is filled with trash, unkept and directly next to a trailer park. This can be easily avoided by thoroughly researching the cabin, owners and management company.

Believing Everything You See On Some Websites: Have you ever seen a cabin website stating “Our cabin is 30 feet away from another cabin, a nightclub with loud music is nearby and traffic is crazy around our area…?” Of course you haven’t. Others in Beavers Bend are actually using our deck view on their website to market cabins…Do your homework. You don’t necessarily need a 20 mile view like ours to enjoy a Beavers Bend cabin stay but make sure the linens aren’t purchased at a discount chain and the beds aren’t from a garage sale.

Accepting Horrible Inquiry Response Time: This is a huge pet peeve with us and perhaps the biggest complaint we hear from new guests who choose us over someone else. One of the reasons we’ve been successful and have developed great relationships with our guests is we respond back promptly to calls and emails. We’ve received tons of business over the years because other companies didn’t have great business acumen and professionalism. Waiting 10 hours or several days on a reply is unacceptable. If you don’t receive prompt feedback, look for someone else who values your business. Our phones and email are available around the clock.  You’ll never see “Please, no calls after 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday’s” on our site!

Choosing a “Rental Cabin” Vs. A “Vacation Home”: Make sure you select someone’s vacation home and the owners “baby it” and visit the cabin often. Many cabins are owned by the same person or company and were built strictly for revenue purposes. Remember, do your homework and you get what you pay for!

Call us at 405-535-8055 or via email: info@beaversbendvacations.com if you have questions about choosing the correct Oklahoma resort. By doing the proper research, you’re stay in our wonderful area will surely be enjoyable!

By Jerry Isbell

Looking For Cabins in Broken Bow & Beavers Bend? Beware of CopyCats!

IMG_0047Quit stealing our view! We continue to be amazed that others are marketing their Broken Bow Lake area cabins using our Beavers Bend Mountain Vista Cabin 20-mile view pic. This is our deck view, none other. It’s not right and unethical.

This serves as a friendly reminder to do your homework before choosing a luxury getaway rental near the State Park in Beavers Bend. Don’t simply take it for granted that what you see on another cabin rental website is true. Many times their websites won’t indicate there’s another cabin 30 feet away. Being only a few yards away from a noisy road is usually another tidbit they fail to mention. A luxury cabin coupled with a fantastic view is the reason you want to get away from the Stemmons Freeway in Dallas for a few days, right?

A great view is paramount to many guests being able to enjoy the Beavers Bend experience. There’s many cabins with great views but there’s only one with this one! 

“Hey, is that picture on your website REALLY your view…?”

By Jerry IsbellImage 1